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I developed this game for a Virtual Reality lecture, using UE4. I created the game alone but I used free online meshes and textures.
This was the first VR game I made. VR interactions and the idea of trying a different movement system for the player were the biggest challenges.




The key point of this VR game is that it is a turn based game. I wanted to create a thrilling horror game. However, I didn't want to use the "teleport" movement system or the analogic movement system in VR. Therefore, I decided to try a turn based system. I got inspiration from board games and thought it would be a good idea to try. Throughout the map, there is green tiles which the player can teleport to, very much like board game tiles. The player also has red indications coming out of their virtual hands and when they are pointing to one tile it becomes red, indicating they are being selected to teleport.



The player is up against an AI, that completes a set patrol route. To make the game harder, the player has muliple paths they can take, leading to different encounters. When testing the game, it was still somewhat easy to beat. An idea I had, in order to increase the challange, was to allow the AI to do 2 moves instead of 1. It added difficulty to the gameplay but still wasn`t ideal yet. However at the time, I lacked coding knowledge and time to fix it, so that was how I submitted it.

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