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I developed this short horror game in UE4 and used the blueprints the code. I worked by myself and used meshes and textures from free online assets. 
The biggest challenge in this project was to develop a AI chaser.




Nameless' story is inspired by poor children that have to search for food and things to sell in garbage dumps. The idea was to take those children's points of view and allow the player to experience the hardships of their realities.
The player has to find their way around a garbage dump, as well as avoid the chaser patrolling the area.



The difference between this game and other short chase horror games is that it has a pulse sensor mechanic. I connected Arduino with a pulse sensor and used a UE4 plug-in to connect them to UE4. If the player is calm, with a normal hearbeat, the playable character will move, without making too much noise. However, if the player's hearbeat increases, the playable character will be able to sprint faster, but it will also make more noise, making it easier for the enemy to locate them.



Develop the AI was the biggest challenge in this project, as I had very little experience in AI coding.

 I've decided to use the UE4's Behaviour Tree and the Blackboard for the first time, in order to create the AI. The result was a successful AI that can switch between patrolling an area and chasing the player. 

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